Op. Ed.

“Maracle: Ontario mustn't backslide on education about Indigenous issues” in Ottawa Citizen, October 25, 2018 & Montreal Gazette, October 29, 2018.

Refereed Papers

Co-Author, “Healing the Generations: Post-Traumatic Stress and the Health Status of Aboriginal Populations in Canada” with Dr. Terry L Mitchell, WLU in the National Aboriginal Health Organization’s Journal of Aboriginal Health. CAN, 2005.

Author, “A Story Untold, Contextual Oral Narratives of Mohawk Women from Point Anne” in Walking on a Tightrope: Representations of Aboriginal People by Themselves and Others. WLU Press. Ute Lischke and David T. McNab (Eds.) CAN, 2004.

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Published Contributions to a Collective Work/Book Chapters      

Author, “Stones Along my Path: from Regret to Resilience” in First Lady Nation, IV: Stories by Aboriginal Women. Eastman, Linda (Ed.). Prospect, Kentucky: Professional Women’s Press, pp. 62–74. USA, 2016.

Author, “Kindness Empowers: A Skywoman’s Journey of Thanksgiving” in Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power. Reverend Guo Cheen, Kathleen S Hurty, Kay Lindahl and Kathe Schaaf (Eds.) New York: SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2011. USA, 2011.

Co-Editor, “First Nations Communities in Crisis,” National Aboriginal Health Organization. Journal of Aboriginal Health, November 2009, Volume 5, Issue 1. CAN, 2009.

Author, “Reflecting on Community Oral Narrative: A Look at Mohawk Women’s Voices at Home,” in Italy and Canadian Culture: Nationalisms in the New Millennium, Anna Pia De Luca & Deborah Saidero (Eds.) Udine, Italy: Forum, pp.45-68. ITALY, 2001.

Author, “Eine Mohawk in Deutschland,” Germany Journal of Canadian Studies/ Zeitschrift fu Kanada-Studien (Aus der Literaturwerkstatt in die deutsche Wirklichkeit), 19 Jahrgang, Fall 1999, Nr. 1, Band 35, Germany, pp.87-92. GER, 1999.