Dawn Maracle with Dr. Stephanie Nixon and Stephanie Lurch, co-keynoting the end of the closing ceremonies for Black History month in 2018.

On Feb. 28, 2018, The Michener Institute hosted the closing ceremony for UHN's Black History Month. The event featured opening remarks from Dr. Brian Hodges, as well as talks by Dr. Upton Allen, Dr. Stephanie Nixon, Dawn Maracle and Stephanie Lurch.

Nathaniel Erskine Smith's video on Facebook (temporary):

Nathaniel Erskine Smith's video on Facebook (temporary):


Dawn Maracle is a Mohawk woman who is a KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator and Master Trainer. She is available to travel all over to provide this first step towards understanding the real colonial history of Canada. The exercise has scripts for Grade 4-8 students, for youth, and for adults. There is a health-based script; and the script has been adapted for BC audiences as well as in other countries, such as Australia and [***]. 

As a teacher, curriculum/policy advisor, corporate trainer and facilitator, Dawn is available to work with your team to meet your needs. The Blanket Exercise is commonly delivered to elementary and high schools, colleges, universities, for staff at all educational institutions, hospitals, for medical students, professionals in every field, public servants, and in the case of the video with MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, for the public. In September, 2017, he invited his entire constituency (Beaches/Danforth in Toronto) for a public, outdoor Blanket Exercise, and we had over two hundred participants attend.

Dawn works with Zoe Aarden to facilitate Blanket Exercises. They have worked together for years on Indigenous and health issues.

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Zoe Aarden, BAH, MAH

Zoe was born in Toronto and is the daughter of European immigrants and settlers. She has a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Native Studies and a Master of Arts in Native Studies, specializing in gender and postcolonial theory. Both degrees were earned at Trent University Her Master’s thesis, “Sexing the Indian” was opted for publication and she plans to continue with her PhD. She has been an ally for many years, specializing in reconciliation and advocacy work.