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Dawn T Maracle is available for lectures, emceeing, keynotes, and facilitating with your group speaking on customized topics.


2017        University of Toronto, Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy – Indigenous and Population Health

2016        University of Toronto, Community Population Health – Indigenous Health & Elective on Indigenous Health

2016        Ryerson University, First Nations Issues

2016        Ryerson University, Indigenous Early Childhood Education

2008        Aboriginal Headstart, Ottawa, Haudenosaunee language and Storytelling

2005        York University, Native Canadian Autobiography

2000        Queen’s University Faculty of Education, Drama for Indigenous Educators

2000        Trent University at Durham College, Indigenous Women

1999        University of Toronto, Introduction to Aboriginal Worldviews

1999        Loyalist College, Equity and Intro to Indigenous/Haudenosaunee studies

1997        Quinte Mohawk School, Kindergarden



Invited Speaker   “Story & Ceremony Panel: Reflections on Indigenous Health Education, Research and Scholarship” with Lisa Richardson (MD, Toronto General Hospital), et al. at Vaughan Estates of Sunnybrook, 2017 Richard Reznick Research Day, Wilson Centre. CAN, 2017.

Keynote Speaker “Global Health Includes Indigenous Health” at the University of Toronto for Partners in Health Canada. CAN, 2017.

Keynote Speaker  "Two Ship Wampum: Leadership and Mentorship at the University of Toronto" at the Faculty Development Day, “The Role of Mentorship in Post-Secondary Education”. CAN, 2017

Speaker, “RETRAC: Reducing Tobacco Rates in Aboriginal Communities” at the 3rd Annual “Bridging Indigenous Knowledge with the Latest Information on Commercial Tobacco” Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. CAN, 2017.

Invited Lecturer “Cultural Safety and Equity” At University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus, for second year undergraduate medical students. CAN, 2017.

Invited Speaker “Indigenous Perspectives on Harm Reduction and Addictions” Advocacy Panel at IMAGINE Conference 2017: Harm Reduction and Addictions. CAN, 2017.

Invited Speaker, “An Introduction to Indigenous Population Health” to the Occupational Therapy Curriculum Committee & 1st year student class with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. CAN, 2017.

Invited Speaker, “Advancing Indigenous Land, Language, Education, Visual Culture and Education at U of T” and “Institutional Transformation (Culture, Structure, Policy, Governance and Leadership), Activism and Movements (Solidarity, Self-work, Self-care)”, University of Toronto International Day to End Racism and Discrimination (IDERD) Conference. CAN, 2017.

Invited Speaker, “Indigenous Health Experiences” Transition to Residency Panel, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto (for fourth year medical students). CAN, 2017.

Invited Speaker, “Blanket Exercise” & “Introduction to Indigenous Population Health, why it is important, and how it Relates to Health Professionals.” OISE/University of Toronto, Sociology of Health Course. CAN, 2017.                           

Invited Speaker, “Blanket Teaching” & “Introduction to Indigenous Population Health, why it is important, and how it Relates to Health Professionals.” University of Toronto Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy. CAN, 2016.

Invited Speaker, “Office of Indigenous Undergraduate Medical Education” as well as opening prayer, Closing Ceremonies for Summer Mentorship Program, University of Toronto. CAN, 2016.

Co-Emcee, “Focus on Emerging Leaders” Plenary with Eboo Patel at Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over 6000 attendees. USA, 2015.

Invited Speaker “Woman of Spirit and Faith Young Leaders Retreat” Atlanta, GA. USA, 2012.

Invited Speaker “How do we stand for the greatness of each other?”, “Alchemy of Our Spiritual Leadership: Women Redefining Power” San Francisco, CA. USA, 2011.

Speaker, “Great Law of Peace & Thanksgiving”, “Constellations of Hope” San Francisco, CA, USA, 2008.

Lecturer, "Haudenosaunee Governance” for Georges Sioui at Ottawa University for German-Canadian Government Delegation. CAN, 2005.

Keynote, “An Introduction to the Health and Education of Native Speaker People in: Obstacles and Promising Practices” Kanada: Ein Land mit vielen Gesichtern – A Country with Many Faces: Interdisziplinäres Symposium zur Kultur, Geschichte, Politik, Geographie und ethnischen Vielfalt Kanadas Universitat Rostock. GER, 2005. 

Lecturer, “Aboriginal Health & Education” Greifswald Univ.’s Contributions to Aboriginal Peoples in the 21st Century: 3rd Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Symposium. GER, 2005.

Lecturer, “Haudenosaunee Governance: Models in Relation to Citizens, Philosophy and the Great Peace” Aboriginal Peoples in: Land, Culture, and Government, JFK Institute, University of Berlin. GER, 2005.

Lecturer, “Native Representations in North American Products” Berlin: Visual Culture Revisited: German and American Perspectives on Visual Culture(s). GER, 2005.                                   

Speaker “Indigenous Cancer Issues In Canada; Cancer Care Ontario, the Aboriginal Cancer Unit, Aboriginal Patient Navigators, and the Aboriginal Tobacco Strategy”, in Australia Cancer Forum, Darwin, Australia, & published in: Cancer Forum March 2005 Volume 29 Number 1 ISSN 0311–306X. AUS, 2004.

Speaker, “The Heart in Living” Uxbridge Fundraiser for Heart and Stroke Foundation (with Walter Gretzky). CAN, 2002. 

Lecturer, “A Story Untold: Contextual Oral Narrative of Mohawk Women from Point Anne”. ITALY, 1997.

Lecturer, “Aboriginal Women: Education & Theatre in Canada” at GER, 2001, Universities in Hanover, Düsseldorf, Osnabruck & Brussels & BELGIUM.

Panel, “Discussion Panel: Realities of Haudenosaunee Students” Speaker Buffalo University’s Remaining Iroquoia Conference. USA, 2000.                 

Speaker, “Aboriginal Oral Narrative/Local History & Reflexive Approaches in Research” Western University’s Ethnohistory Conference. CAN, 2000.

Speaker “Representations of Aboriginal People by Themselves and by Others,” 5th Wanapitei Conference, Temagami. CAN, 2000.  

Speaker, “A Contextual Narrative of Mohawk Women from Point Anne” Lecturer  University of Udine conference: Canadian & Italian Nationalisms. ITALY, 2000.

Lecturer, “A Story Untold: Contextual Oral Narratives of Mohawk Women From Point Anne” in Edmonton for the Canadian Indigenous Native Studies Association. CAN, 2000.       

Lecturer, “Living Authentically in Multiple Cultures: Responding to Diversity is Everyone’s Business” (co-written) in Edmonton for the Assoc. Canadian Studies. CAN, 2000.   

Panel Speaker, “Aboriginal Educational Issues at U. of Toronto” U. of T.'s Anti-Racist & Multicultural Education Conference, (w. L. Fitznor, E. Antone, D. Anderson). CAN, 2000.

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Dawn T Maracle

Speaker at the 2018 Toronto Women’s March