Dawn T. Maracle, BAH, B. Ed., M. Ed.

Dawn T. Maracle, BAH, B. Ed., M. Ed.


She:kon tahnon teyethinonweratons. Hello and welcome. Dawn yontiaats. My name is Dawn. Konkwehonwe Kanienkehaka. I am an original being who is Mohawk. Toronto Nikiteron. I live in Toronto. Wa’skarewake itskote niwaketohroten. I sit with the Bear Clan. Kateriwaweienstha. I am a (life-long) learner.

With twenty-five years working with and for Indigenous communities, organizations, initiatives and campaigns, Dawn has multiple education and Native Studies degrees. She has experience in Indigenous education & training, health/medicine/tobacco, governance, women and the arts.

Dawn has sat as an esteemed member of the UNESCO arts and education roundtable; in interfaith communities for the North American Interfaith Network and the Parliament of World Religions, as well as Women of Spirit and Faith (USA), and is a co-founder of Women and Wisdom Canada.

As a former National Director for the National Centre for First Nations Governance, and the National Chair for the INAC - Assembly of First Nations Working Group on Post Secondary Education, Dawn has worked on grassroots, local, regional, college, university, and national levels creating curriculum, adapting content and delivery across the nation,  as well as to share her work in other countries such as Germany, Italy, the USA, and Australia.